Gretchen is approximately 3 years old. She came to Misplaced Mutts from the shelter and extremely pregnant. She had never been in a house before and was basically semi feral. She ate her way through a window frame to escape her first foster home. While nursing puppies she became more dependent on people and was a very good mom. She's learned to trust her foster family and is comfortable with a very strict routine. If adopted her new family would need to start from scratch to earn her trust and get her used to a whole new environment. For now, she's happy, so we are happy.


Marvella is an old girl who came to Misplaced Mutts so skinny that you could see every bone. She also was riddled with mammary cancer and heart worms. We had to fatten her up before she could have surgery and then had her tumors removed. She's considered a hospice dog now but she is doing great. She loves people and car rides more than anything in the world, as well as kids. She needs to be an only dog in her hospice home as she lived most of her life on a chain outside unable to defend herself.


Noel is a four year old Italian Greyhound/Min Pin Mix. She's a complete snuggle bug and her favorite thing to do is cuddle up with you in bed. She's about 13 pounds and very loving. Noel gets along with other dogs but prefers her people. She's crate trained but likes to sleep in bed with you. She is heart worm positive and has started her treatment.

Junie B Jones

Junie B Jones is a two year old blind and deaf girl who experienced a family tragedy and quickly found herself in the shelter. She is in a foster home and is looking for an experienced home to help her live her best life. Junie B is very happy. She does well with other dogs and loves all people, especially men. She loves to play and can be a little rough but it is a friendly play, she is very strong. Junie B doesn't love a crate but loves to have a few rooms she can navigate. As long as it is set up with little change she can learn her way around very well.




PO Box 58, Beaufort, NC 28516