Meet the Mutts



Malia is around 16 weeks old and a wild child. She needs to be on seizure medications for the foreseeable future. She came to us with deformed legs from lack of nutrition but with a good diet and regular exercise she has come so far! Malia would do best in a home with another active dog and where she isn’t left for long periods of time. She would love a yard as laying outside is her favorite hobby. She is very special to us and we know she will be to you as well.



Juniper is about 3 years old, crate trained, happy and playful. She has a grade 3 hear murmur and is going to need to stay on heart medication. She can otherwise be a normal dog. She’s dog social and fun.



Lyric is a very shy but super loving pitty girl who gets comfort from her best friend, Juniper (also a mutt). Hoping one day to find her a home that will be calm and loving and help her get her confidence back.



Meet Alexandria. She’s a darling puppy. Shy at first then very playful. She loves other dogs and wants to play with them so she will need a dog who will be patient and teach her the ropes.



Wednesday is a sweet lab mix puppy close to 6 months old. She’s very dog social and loves people. She’s already fully crate trained.



Marsha is a small beagle puppy who is confident and fun. She’s looking for a home with experience in potty training and bringing up a scent hound.


Trader Jo

Trader Jo is a young Great Pyrenees who we are working at putting some weight on and helping him socialize. He’s quite shy at first. We are just getting to know him but we know when he finds a person to trust he clings to them. He is going to be an extremely large dog.



Holly came to us with 10 puppies who Have all been adopted. Now it’s her turn to find the perfect home. She is heart worm negative and a complete sweetheart. Her favorite thing is to cuddle on the couch with her family. She loves other dogs. She can be a little shy at first but she gets over it very quick and turns into a silly goose you cannot help but hug.



Brooklyn a medium size puppy under a year. She is the sweetest thing, fully crate trained and happy. She loves everyone she meets so far!



Kira is a puppy under a year and she’s a great smaller size dog. She’s absolutely adorable and just so happy. She loves everyone. We are working on leash walking. She loves other dogs and cats and everyone



Randolf is a very large, young Rottweiler who is a big goofball. He’s dog social and loves people. He’s a little scared of small children and toddlers and would do best with older children.



River is a senior petite mix that was picked up from a neglect case. She had a tumor the size of a watermelon off her side. Surgery was successful. She is on slow kill treatment for severe heart worms because fast kill treatment would be too risky. She’s gentle and oh so very sweet. 



Oogie is a three months old bulldog pup. He is a very friendly pup! He is cat friendly but just a pup so he is still learning how to play with his kitty friends. Oogie loves all people, he is just a smoosh. Oggie is crate trained. 



You guessed it! Boogie is Oogie's bother! Boogie is a three months old bulldog pup. He is a very friendly pup! He is cat friendly but just a pup so he is still learning how to play with his kitty friends. Boogie loves all people, he is just the sweetest little ham. Boogie is crate trained. 



Beans is a big love bug. He is a dog that loves to play but also loves to be near his people. Beans is heart worm negative and neutered. He is looking for the perfect family to love him.



Jetty is a sweet gentle giant at 9 years young. He gets along well with his 4 yr old foster sister, lab, and has great manners with his foster kitty. Jetty probably would like to be with with calm dog. He enjoys lounging outside or in. Jetty is very smart and has learned the routine quickly at his foster home. He is very affectionate towards his foster family and behaves very well. He is house trained and very loyal. 



Abby is a one year old about 35 pound herding breed mix. She’s super smart and eager to please. She’s dog social but wants to play so a dog who will set healthy boundaries and humans who know how to manage a working breed dog will give her the best possible home. Abby is crate trained and house trained and is good with children. Abby has not be cat tested.



Jupiter is a 5-6 month old hound mix. He is crate trained, house broken, and knows basic commands. He's an active boy but also an affectionate snuggle bug who loves to be near his people. Jupiter is being fostered in a home with dogs and cats, and would do best in a home with another active dog and a fenced in yard to stretch his long legs. Once you meet this boy you can't help but fall in love with his sweet personality.



Naomi's foster family describes her as sweet, lovely and perfect. She is very timid but she likes people and other dogs. She likes to run and play with her foster brother but prefers to lay in bed and catch up on her beauty rest. Naomi is the perfect Mutt to Netflix and snuggle with! 



Egypt is a senior blue dobie who is playful and loving. She’s crate trained and loves to go for walks and cuddle you on the couch. Egypt does fantastic with cats and seems to enjoy their company



Meet Bear. He joins our rescue from Carteret County Humane Society. He’s a Pyrenees mix about 5 years young and looking for the right home. Bear is a sweet boy who is shy at first, but a teddy bear once he is comfortable with new people and dogs. He is snuggly and laid back much of the time, enjoying just being near his person. But he also enjoys short spurts of playfulness, especially with a fluffy toy or a calm, yet playful dog friend! He is always up for a snack and loves to protect his yard with his loud bark to chase squirrels away. Bear has hip dysplasia and recently had an FHO surgery. 



Basi is such a sweet girl. She is stunning in person and extra loving. She has short legs and a beautiful coat. She does great with other dogs and loves everyone. She is crate trained and house trained. She would love a home to call her own! Basi is a year and a half old. 



Bridger is an older 5 year old boy who is shy at the very beginning and then becomes a playful, cuddle monster who gives the best snuggles. He is living beautifully in a home with a female dog and two children ages 9 and and up.



Bailey is a beagle puppy under a year old who had surgery for a broken leg. She’s a almost fully healed and will be looking for a forever home. She’s playful, loving, affectionate and fun.



Rembrandt is about a year old. He loves other dogs, cats, and everyone who will give him pets! Rembrandt is crate trained. Rembrandt is ready to put his not so great start to life behind and is already living his best life with his foster mom! Rembrandt will be the perfect addition to your family!



Misa is a senior who enjoys the comforts of an orthopedic bed as she is full of arthritis. She gets shots for her pain in addition to ongoing meds to keep her comfortable. She can do very short walks and takes great naps on the couch.



Scoot is such a loving, affectionate guy. He loves going for walks and cuddling with his foster mom. He’s literally a perfect best friend you can wrap your arms around.



Meet Ronan! Ronan is on a special hydrolozed diet due to multiple allergies. He receives monthly medication to treat diabetes insipidous. With medication he’s a healthy boy who loves to swim in a life jacket (he’s not very good, but we won't tell him that) and loves to retrieve balls and Frisbees. He is SUCH a sweet, loyal, funny boy. He loves all of his doggy friends also! 



Dot is about 3 years old and a sweet and loving dog. Dot has the softest fur! She loves other dogs once she trusts they won’t hurt her. Dot is so very affectionate, fully crate trained and a good car rider. She will be a great dog for someone! Loves kids too!



Marble has one blue eye and one marble eye. She’s super sweet. Loves other dogs once she has a proper intro and knows they won’t hurt her. She’s a puppy- only around 6 months old. Marble is so very affectionate, fully crate trained and a good car rider.