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You didn't care how I looked, or that I wasn't a pedigree

You showed me I am not disposable and that I am loved

You brought back the sparkle in my eye and the shine of my coat

You restored my spirit, so my tail can wag again

You took a chance on me, to see what I can become

You gave me a place to call home, and a family to call my own

I Am Rescued

I am rescued.



Ariel was small when she became part of the mutt family. She was a demodex (mange) pup and had a horrible secondary skin infection. Every inch of her skin was in pain but with the help of Misplaced Mutts and her adoptive family, Ariel is looking and feeling so much better!


Hopi became a mutt in September 2017 when she was found tied to a fence and lifeless. Hopi had her collar surgically removed and underwent a second surgery to remove built up scar tissue that was preventing healing.   After weeks of resting, Hopi healed enough to run around and be a puppy again! Hopi is the sweetest girl and her past has never affected her way of loving. She shows her humans every day how thankful she is to be rescued.



Hi, Lucky here. I came to Misplaced Mutts in pretty bad condition. I had the worst ear infections the vet had seen in 25 years of practice. My fur was matted so badly in some places they had to cut it out and my nails were so long my toes turned outwards. The nice people who rescued me took me to the vet weekly for meds and daily medications. I am an older dog so I knew finding the right home could take some time. Luckily the perfect home came along very quickly. I was adopted by a wonderful family who spoil me and love me dearly!


My name is Hayley and I just turned 6 months old!  I have been working really hard and already achieved my AKC Star Puppy award.  My next step is Canine Good Citizen and then on to Therapy Dog Training.  I want to be just like my big sister, Cali, a super duper Therapy Dog!  I already know about 20 different cues and tricks.  My mom says I am such a smart little girl and I agree.



Lilly, formerly Molly, was rescued from a horrible situation. Lilly was a foster for a short time when her foster mom's friend, Dustin, saw Lilly and fell in love. Lilly is now a very happy and healthy girl. She loves sprinting on the beach and fishing with her dad. Although Lilly is 9 months old now, she still loves to be held like a baby and always has a smile on her face.


Beautiful Joy was a demodex puppy from the Craven County shelter. She was also suffering from secondary skin infections; she was miserable and scared. Joy began treatments with Misplaced Mutts to heal her appearance but she was ultimately a healthy pup when her new adoptive family healed her heart. Joy is living the best life she could imagine and is beautiful inside and out. 


Ellie Kate

We lost our lab Izzy on April 26, 2016. Losing her broke my heart and I thought that I could never love another dog like that again. One evening, my husband was in the hospital. I was scrolling through Facebook and I found the Misplaced Mutts page. I looked at all the puppies up for adoption and I fell in love with Ellie. I filled out an application thinking I wouldn't have a chance since we lived 3 hours away when I got a message January 23rd, 2018 asking if I wanted to meet Ellie. We scheduled a meeting and I drove down the evening before. I could hardly sleep that night I was so excited to meet this little girl. Ellie was the sweetest little thing. Finding her on the Misplaced Mutts site was a blessing. We love our sweet Ellie Kate! She's brought so much love and happiness into our lives.



Fiona was found under an abandoned house nursing her three new puppies. She was rescued by Misplaced Mutts and given a safe place to raise her puppies until they were old enough to find their new homes. Fiona was very scared when she was rescued, but knowing her puppies were being taken care of, she learned to trust people again. One by one, Fiona's puppies were adopted and she remained in her foster home. Fiona was not crazy about other dogs, but through her experience, she loved people and kids. Fiona finally found her happy ending in a family with five kids and it was a match made in heaven!


Stella was one of three pups who came from a bad situation and living environment and now is living the best life. After my previous dog passed, I kept seeing Stella's pic on Facebook.  One day I saw a pic of her in a kiddie pool with her head under water and I knew we had to have her to take on the boat. My husband was kind of fussing at me when I told him I was going to go look at her. I told him I had one question which was, "are you going to divorce me if I get her?" which he replied, "no but..." I said say no more, lol. It wasn't long before I heard him asking her if she knows how much he loves her. We took her on a month long road trip and I just can't tell you how much joy she has brought to us.



When Magnolia was welcomed into a Misplaced Mutts foster home she was frightened of almost everything. Her foster mom was incredibly patient with her and helped her to adjust. Magnolia was afraid to move around and required someone to help her get the courage to go outside to go potty. Month after month Magnolia gained a little more confidence. She gained the love and stole the hearts of her new family and is now living the life every dog dreams of. The transformation this sweet girl has made is simply amazing. 



Reggie came to Misplaced Mutts as a heartworm positive senior. When he met Chris, they had an instant connection and Reggie knew he found his person. Chris fostered Reggie for two weeks before he "failed." and adopted him forever. Now he is a healthy boy and living the good life. Reggie enjoys long naps, trips to breweries, and of course, following Chris wherever he goes.


Bryson was found covered in scabs and raw bright red feet. His condition was so bad that he could barely walk. Bryson is all healed up, adopted, and living his best spoiled life in Maryland



Myron was dropped at the shelter with an owner request to be euthanized immediately. He was very underweight, had mange and just low on energy and life. He received lots of TLC and turned into a totally different dog even his fur changed colors. He was adopted and lives with a toddler who loves him very much, a fur sister and bunnies


Madison was found abandoned at a cemetery almost dead. She was skin and bones and covered in a “crust” from being so malnourished and left outside unsheltered. She has come a long way and continues to deal with her skin issue but she's so smart, sweet and beautiful

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