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Gretchen : 

Gretchen was pulled from a shelter where she was at risk to being euthanized. When Gretchen arrived, we quickly realized she was pregnant. Gretchen had 5 healthy and happy babies but Gretchen had a hard time relaxing. Gretchen was kept outside all of her life so she isn't well socialized with people. She is finally comfortable in her foster home and has come out of her shell. Sometimes Gretchen forgets she loves her foster family and gets scared all over again until she relaxes and comes back around. Gretchen will be a forever Mutt because she will revert to being overly scared if she had to change environments and people. Gretchen is a sweet, loving dog and we are happy to have saved her but she will always be a Mutt. Sponsoring Gretchen will help us provide food, prevention and other necessities for her. 

"All you need is love and a dog"